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Precise & Convenient

Our API uses the top-level translation engine which is developed by Rozetta Co. Ltd. We can help your translation work in more than 90 languages easily.

Highest accuracy of translation in the industry.

Up to 95% of accuracy and on par with high quality work by professional translators. High accuracy and fluent translation of long articles.

Great reduction on cost and time.

Compared to manual translation, it allows you to trim up to 10% of costs and time.

Supports over 2000 professional fields.

In contrast to general-purpose automatic translation, we can make high accuracy of the translation by fine-tuning each professional field.

Over 4500 companies use “T-4OO”

Trusted by over 4500 (and growing!) companies in various professional fields and industries.

Translation Engine

Lite Engine

T-4OO Engine

High Speed Engine

About T-4OO translation engine

The translation engine expertizes in professional fields translation such as medical, legal, and finance, up to 95% of accuracy and is on par with quality works by professional translators. Currently T-4OO is used by over 4500 companies.

The translation engine can be used in various ways to suit various needs:

T-4OO is available both Web versions and Windows application version.

For general usage, we recommend using the web version. If you need to translate a large number of files at once, we recommend using T-4OO Windows application.

For those who want to integrate our translation service, please try CLASSⅢ API.

All use the same translation engine and provide the same level of high accuracy translation.

※Partly uses the Niutrans translation engine.

About API
This REST API provides the following features:

Text translation API

Rozetta T-4OO text translation

Speech Translation

Translate audio fille to text or speech synthesis.

File Translation

Upload files in bulk and download the translated files

Professional fields specification

Specify professional fields such as legal and finance to improve the translation quality of technical terms

User Dictionary

Customization of technical terms translation